Equal opportunity for all students

The clearer, the better

Dedicated teachers

Integrity at all times

All students should be able to learn the skills needed by employers before starting a first job in a new sphere. This saves energy, time, stress, and helps students climb the professional ladder much quicker.

Empower talent and help students reach their true potential.


That’s how long ago we started this project. It has been three years of doing what we love, and learning to be ever better.

6 + 10

Our team of six full-timers is always complemented by ten part-timers. We constantly bring in specialists in their fields to share their knowledge.


Feedback and questions validate what we do! We respond to tons of student questions daily.


Year-on-year increase of people taking our courses, and year-on-year increase of our responsibility as educators and instructors.

Team Members

We are Ned, Martin, Simona, Iliya, Nick, and Delyana, and we are behind the 365 Careers content. Our backgrounds are highly diversified and each is a specialist in their own field. From business and finance specialists, through savvy data scientists, humanitarians, and graphic designers... we make the magic happen.